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Intellectual Property Bank

An innovative and advantageous solution, in defense of intellectual property and copyright.

isMyDea - Scudo - Shield

the ideal protection for your work


In a few simple steps, directly online, you can secure your creations from possible plagiarism or illicit use by third parties


In just a few clicks, directly online, you can protect your creativity or your strategic projects at a very low cost.

Ismydea - Donna Sorpresa


Taking advantage of technology first means being innovative and becoming familiar with the infrastructure that will govern the services of the future


You no longer have to worry about the file format, with isMyDea you can record jpg, pdf, png, video, photo etc. also a zip file


By affixing the "disclaimer" to creative works and strategic projects, you have a great deterrent effect on those who want to take advantage of your idea

Ismydea - Donna che Riflette

Why the Blockchain?

The European and Italian legislators have opened the use of the blockchain (DLT) in terms of electronic identification: "The European Parliament emphasizes that in the case of 'digitized' creative content, DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) can allow the tracking and management of intellectual property and facilitate the protection of copyright and patents;

emphasizes that DLT can allow for greater ownership and creative development by artists through an open public register that can also clearly indicate ownership and copyrights ”.

Resolution of the European Parliament of 3 October 2018

Who it is dedicated to


The isMyDea.Blockchain solution is designed to be alongside millions of creators and inventors around the world. Every day he is on the side of the genius, supporting his ideas and his works of genius.


Copyright arises at the same time as the creation of a creative work. However, in the event of a dispute, the author must be in possession of evidence that demonstrates, until proven otherwise, the maternity of the work.

The copyright obtained in one of the countries adhering to the treaty of "The Bern Convention ", and by right extended to all member countries.

Blockchain certificates

For the attribution of maternity, we use blockchain technology, a global, public and permanent register capable of issuing unique certificates in which the details of the work are reported such as title, name of the author, date and a unique id code. You can also deposit ideas in the pre-patent or draft phase in the blockchain while maintaining the secrecy and novelty necessary for obtaining industrial property titles.

Protect Creativity


  • Advertising Agency

  • Artist

  • Comic & Illustrator

  • Marketing Consultant

  • Copywriter

  • Design

  • Entertainment

  • Fashion

  • Food & Wine

  • Photographer

  • Journalist

  • Graphic Designer

  • Innovation

  • Musician

  • Science

  • Innovative Sports

  • Video Maker

  • Writing

it continues with all the other categories, even non-professional ones, of authors of intellectual works .

Ismydea . Intellectual property bank

protect your creativity

  • Your ideas will be safe

  • No one will be able to see them

  • Decide you if and when to make them public

Do not be a fool, it's simple.

Record first, then broadcast

IsMyDea only certifies that you have entered content in its registers at a certain date and time.

Registering content on IsMyDea is NOT equivalent to filing a patent application. IsMyDea DOES NOT provide certificates of authenticity or ownership of what is deposited in its records. The user who asks isMyDea for the publication of contents guarantees that these do not infringe the rights of third parties or mandatory regulations. Otherwise, he will be called to answer for all the consequences that may derive from his conduct.

Patentable inventions must be made public after the related patent application has been filed,

YOU CAN register them on isMyDea but you MUST NOT make them public.

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