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A lifetime of ideas - your legacy

Throughout life those who have intuitions, thoughts, ideas,
studies, deepens and where possible realizes.

This heritage of knowledge must be protected.
ismydea, registers, certifies, conserves,

Create your creative profile
register your Works/ideas
Certify your motherhood of ideas

Create your own creative memory
Do not waste your genius
Use the Register of Intellectual Property

isMyDea is your keeper

IsMyDea only certifies that you have entered content in its registers at a certain date and time.

Registering content on IsMyDea is NOT equivalent to filing a patent application. IsMyDea DOES NOT provide certificates of authenticity or ownership of what is deposited in its records. The user who asks isMyDea for the publication of contents guarantees that these do not infringe the rights of third parties or mandatory regulations. Otherwise, he will be called to answer for all the consequences that may derive from his conduct.

Patentable inventions must be made public after the related patent application has been filed,

YOU CAN register them on isMyDea but you MUST NOT make them public.

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