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In the drawer, The idea seemed good to me, but the work, the family, the commitments, meant that it remained in a drawer in good company with my other ideas.

2010, too many years later, I was always in a restaurant, and I had lunch with my partner at the time, I explained my idea to her and she found it interesting; strengthened by the feedback I had from the first and only person to whom I talked about the idea, I decided that the time had come to carry out the project and to patent “ Winedress ”.

isMyDea - Genius Social Web Winedress

2007, Poligrafica S. Faustino SpA has conceived and patented a new wine label which represents an important novelty in the world of oenology. Its name is MemoWine® .

A counter-label that provides the possibility to remove the central section, on the back of which the miniature of the label and other information relating to the wine are printed. A memory that turns into a full-blown business card.

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